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Support the lightIRC project

Although lightIRC is freeware, it is a project which takes up a lot of time. That's the reason why you can decide to support the project by purchasing a license.

• You'll receive a lightIRC 1.3 license, but you can also get licenses for older lightIRC versions if you want
• lightIRC licenses are valid forever
• You receive the activation key for your license by e-mail immediately after completing the purchase order
• PayPal is the only accepted payment method
• A license is locked to a specific IRC server (e.g. If you want to change your license target at some point, just write us a mail.

Step 1: Enter your data Step 2: Pay with PayPal Step 3: Get your license key

E-mail address:
IRC server:
The license is locked to a specific IRC server. Please specify which IRC server you want to use. E.g.:
License type License upgrade to lightIRC 1.3 (15 EUR)
If you purchased a lightIRC license before (version 1.0, 1.1 or 1.2), you can choose this for an upgrade to 1.3.
Unbranded (39 EUR)
There are a couple of brandings in lightIRC, for example "" below the user list in a channel or an item in the right click context menu. If you purchase the unbranded license, all these brandings will disappear.
Webcam module (39 EUR)
The webcam module is described here.
Unbranded & webcam module (69 EUR)
Commercial (includes unbranded & webcam module) (129 EUR)
You need the commercial license if you are either a company or the website where lightIRC is embedded generates profit in any way.

lightIRC has been developed by Valentin Manthei
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