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Flash IRC
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Flash IRC Chat

Server must run a policy daemon!
lightIRC is a free Flash IRC client that includes all well known IRC features.
It supports stylesheets for its own skins, has support for multiple languages, and can be used with every kind of IRCd.

Select an option that fits best to your needs:

Use the lightIRC network, create your own channel and embed the chat as an IFrame.

Upload lightIRC to your webspace and connect to the lightIRC network.

Use lightIRC to connect to your (or another) IRC server.

Download the lightIRC package and change the parameters inside index.html to connect to your IRCd.

Please note that you must set up a policy daemon delivering a XML file on the machine the IRCd runs on.
See how that works in the Wiki.
If you want to know more about lightIRC, please have a look at our Wiki.

lightIRC has been developed by Valentin Manthei
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